meet roseline

Founder, visionary, creator. Roseline started Roseline’s Brands to meet a dire need we have in our communities: a need for more sustainable business practices. We must care for each other and the world in every act. In business, in life, and in our homes.

Our Story

Roseline Candle’s® started with a single candle and a dream. When Roseline first started collecting jars and making candles, she was living in a zero-waste household, learning everything there was to know about the impact we have on the earth. As she moved through life, she has kept these lessons at the forefront. She kept collecting candle vessels and began throwing candle-making parties in her apartment. Her friends, family, and then strangers began seeking her items for being the most honest, the most authentic, and the most indulgent self-care items on the market.

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Interactive Infographic
100% Soy
cotton wicks
BPI compostable: peanut packaging stuffers & wrapping paper
recycled glass jars
compostable tape
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