How to become a wholesaler

Becoming a wholesaler with Roseline’s Candles offers a fantastic opportunity to tap into a well-loved and established brand.

By joining us, you’ll benefit from our generous 50% cost wholesale price, allowing you to provide a premium product to your customers while maintaining a healthy profit margin. We are proud to distribute our candles throughout the entire United States, with a special treat for local deliveries, which are hand-delivered completely free of charge. Please note, for non-local deliveries, a shipping fee will be applied. For local retailers, we encourage you to bring our jars back by offering a $1 discount PER jar.

Did you know that you can pass this incentive down to your customer?

Roseline’s Candles already enjoys a strong presence in over 40 retail locations across the United States, including grocery stores, dog wash salons, spas, unique boutiques, and online retailers. Our diverse reach and high-quality products provide a valuable addition to any store looking to enhance their range with our beautiful, aromatic candles.

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