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Keep Calm

Our Keep Calm candle is a custom scent, inspired by hours of candle making. It’s a combination of lavender, vanilla, and sandalwood. Want to let loose, take deep breaths, and just chill out? Whatever the reason for much-needed relaxation, grab this candle, light it up, and take it easy. It’s absolutely okay to give yourself a break from all things stressful and just be. We are honored to be a part of your self-care routine. Be well.


Due to the nature of using recycled jars, we cannot guarantee what color jar(s) your candle order will come in.
Rest assured, your candle(s) will come in the same style jar and the same size as the one pictured here.
Recycling is important and we use what our planet already has to offer in recycled glass material, which means you may not always get the exact same jar every time you get a candle from us, and this is part of the fun :-).
We guarantee that ALL our jars are recycled, repurposed, or made from recycled glass.
We guarantee you will receive a candle made from all-natural 100% soy wax infused with essential oils.


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