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Electric Lighter & Wick Trimmer Combo

Our electric lighter and wick trimmer combo is perfect for all candle lovers. Taking good care of your candle and lighting it properly (yes, there is a wrong way to use candles), helps it to burn cleaner, longer, safer, and gives you the best bang for your buck! What’s better? Buying these two together helps you to save $2. Individually, our electric lighter is $17 and the wick trimmer is $15!

Set includes: Wick trimmer, lighter, USB Charger. Read a detailed description of each product here: Electric LighterWick Trimmer

Assure your electric lighter has enough charge and follow these 3 simples steps for use: 

  1. Trim your wicks to 1/4 inch before EACH lighting (wick trimmers available for $15 each)
  2. Use our long-neck electric charge to light your candle
  3. The first couple of times you light your candle, let it melt all the way to the edges of the jar


Disclaimer: Roseline’s Crafted Candles LLC is not responsible for any irresponsible use of fire and light. Please always read all warning labels under your candles.


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