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15 reviews for Sandalwood Vanilla

  1. Claire

    This smell is as good as you imagine but better! The perfect mix of strong and sweet.

  2. Sandi

    I absolutely LOVE the sandalwood vanilla scent! This candle has my entire apartment smelling fresh and warm! I also love the recycled jar it came in, and the wick cutting tips that came with it! Having Roseline hand deliver the candle was a treat in itself! She is simply the BEST candle maker in the Twin Cities! So sweet and humble!

  3. Kate Steller (verified owner)

    This is one of the best smelling candles I have ever purchased! Something I love about Roseline’s candles is that they fill the room with a light scent even when they’re not lit – but it’s not perfumey or overpowering.

  4. Sophie (verified owner)

    I purchased this as a gift and it was a HUGE hit!! The scent is incredible & it came in the most beautiful recycled glass cup.

  5. Kira

    Amazing candles!

  6. Bobbie (verified owner)

    Review for Sandalwood Vanilla
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  7. Katie

    The Sandalwood Vanilla is warm, spicy and sweet – so comforting and perfect for winter. The recycled jars are lovely, and Roseline provides incredible customer service. I like to purchase extra to have on-hand for gifts, too!

  8. Tami

    I love being surprised by the glass jar my candle comes in; they never disappoint! Just unique!

  9. Katie (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite scents, especially if you like the warmth vanilla can bring to compatible scents! And this sandalwood is musky, earthy and is so nicely complemented by the sweet vanilla. Have gotten this one for us twice and have gifted it to someone and they LOVE the scent and candle itself.

  10. Beth (verified owner)

    Beautiful packaging, gorgeous scent, incredible customer service. I love this candle so much and feel great about supporting a local person’s small business!

  11. Val

    This scent is so amazing, love that it fills the room but not overpowering. 💖

  12. Leena (verified owner)

    This is candle is my fave. The scent is so amazing, everyone loves it.

  13. Leena (verified owner)

    This is candle is my fave. The scent is so amazing, everyone loves it.

  14. Ashley (verified owner)

    Review for Sandalwood Vanilla
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  15. Jenna

    Review for Sandalwood Vanilla
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Our Sandalwood Vanilla is a top seller and well-loved fragrant mixture of sandalwood & vanilla.  Sandalwood oil is drawn from a small tree native to India and has been used medicinally for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Complex and sophisticated, Sandalwood fragrance oil has an earthy top note mixed with a base of dark musk and woody undertones. This smooth, masculine scent is combined with our Cozy Vanilla to create the perfect scent combination. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


Due to the nature of using recycled jars, we cannot guarantee what color jar(s) your candle order will come in.
Rest assured, your candle(s) will come in the same style jar and the same size as the one pictured here.
Recycling is important and we use what our planet already has to offer in recycled glass material, which means you may not always get the exact same jar every time you get a candle from us, and this is part of the fun :-).
We guarantee that ALL our jars are recycled, repurposed, or made from recycled glass.
We guarantee you will receive a candle made from all-natural 100% soy wax infused with essential oils.


553 in stock

553 in stock