Vanilla Latte

Our Vanilla Latte candle is a combination of fresh coffee, vanilla, and a hint of cinnamon. If you are thinking: ooh, what is this going to smell like? Then you are in good company. We came up with it on a whim, tested the fragrance oil combinations, and tried everything to get it to smell as close to the beverage it’s named after. This candle is perfect for the fall and winter months. Coffee lovers and those who simply enjoy that coffeehouse vibe without the need for caffeine can also find this candle cozy. Try it and let us know what you think! Life is too short to keep buying the same candles!!



  • Due to the nature of using recycled jars, we cannot guarantee what color or shape your candle jar (s) will come in.
  • Rest assured, your candle(s) will come in a similar or the same jars size & style.
  • Recycling is important and we use what our planet already has to offer in recycled glass material, which means you may not always get the exact same jar every time you get a candle from us, and this is part of the fun :-).
  • We guarantee that ALL our jars are recycled, repurposed, or made from recycled glass.


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