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classes will begin march 28th

classes begin march 28th

Good to know:

How are tickets used for the classes?

Each ticket only valid for one (1) person; in other words, you cannot purchase 1 ticket for 2 people to make one candle each. Our space is small & we charge per person/seat.

How many candles will I make?

You’ll make TWO (2) candles to take home. Each person makes 2 candles. You will pick out your own scents, jars, and can name your own candle. We create & print your labels in-house.

Can I bring my own "Drinks"?

Bring your own wine (or beer) to drink if you desire. We have glasses and openers.

Where do I Park?

Park on Central Avenue or the back of our building if parking is available.

What's the maximum class size?

The maximum class size is 10 people and the available number of tickets you see on Eventbrite is what we have available.

What if I want to book a private event/class?

If you have a private event and want to book out the entire space, please reach out directly to our owner, Roseline®, at 612-840-8958 or roseline@roselinescandles.com or contact us at the store at roselinescraftedcandles@gmail.com

How long are the classes?

The candle making itself will take 30-45 minutes.
The candles then take approximately 1hour 30minutes to dry.

What should I do while I wait for my candle to dry??

This is a good time to mingle and drink the wine you brought, grab food/drinks at one of the many restaurants, bars, breweries near our store/studio. There are a lot of options to eat & drink on Central.

What else should I know?

Your candles will be labeled and ready to go within the time frame your class is booked for. Call or text us at (612) 840-8958  if any last-minute questions or concerns come up.

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"Roseline's ® is a dream come true. We have needed space for gathering and for making stuff. Not just any stuff. Making items that make our homes more welcoming. Items that are safe for our bodies and sustainable for our world. It's an experience with my heart. My heart is full."
- Kelly

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